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About us: What is MSFWhat we doOur historyReports & Financials Each year, malaria kills nearly half a million people. 70% of all deaths are children under five years of age. The disease is easy enough to treat, but access to...

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Ebola and Marburg

Ebola and Marburg haemorrhagic fevers are rare but deadly, spreading fear and panic. Caring for infected patients and affected communities is crucial for a response to be effective. Outbreaks can kill 25 to 90 per cent of those infected. No...

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Although easy to prevent and treat, cholera affects up to 4 million people worldwide per year, resulting in up to 140,000 deaths. Caused by a water-borne bacterial infection, cholera is transmitted through contaminated food or water, or through contact with...

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Antibiotic resistance

What happens when drugs stop working? A true global health emergency, antibiotic resistance threatens to make simple cuts and diseases that are easy to treat deadly once again Bacteria, viruses, parasites and other microbes are always changing to ensure their...

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Epidemics and pandemics

Millions of people still die each year from infectious diseases that are preventable or can be treated. Outbreaks of cholera, measles and yellow fever can spread rapidly and be fatal. Malaria is endemic in more than 100 countries. Millions are...

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